Tell Congress: Oppose the RAISE Act

Republican Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton have introduced legislation that viciously attacks our family-based legal immigration system. Backed by President Trump, the RAISE Act aims to cut legal immigration of extended family members by half – in addition to slashing the number of refugees we accept and eliminating the diversity visa lottery.

This is an extremist proposal that would prevent families from reuniting and go against our nation’s core values. Stand with NILC and urge Congress to vote against the RAISE Act.

Dear Senator/Representative,
Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton just introduced the biggest attack on legal immigration in nearly a century. The RAISE Act would cut legal immigration in half by reducing the number of extended family members of U.S. citizens from emigrating to the United States. That means mothers, fathers, grandparents, and siblings can be permanently separated from their families and achieving a better life. This legislation goes against our nation’s longstanding values of family and diversity, and I urge you to vote against it.