Tell Congress: We oppose HR 2581

Republicans have crafted a dangerous bill that could prevent many citizens and immigrants from purchasing affordable, quality health insurance.

HR 2851, known as the "Verify First" Act, would create serious roadblocks for those who must have their U.S. citizenship or immigration status verified -- a process that can drag on for months and thus prevent individuals from accessing affordable, urgent care when most needed.

This legislation is being moved ahead under the guise of saving taxpayer dollars, but underneath it all, this is a harmful anti-immigrant bill that would undoubtedly harm the health of hundreds of thousands of people's health.

Join us in building public pressure and urging Congress to stop this dangerous bill before it's voted on as early as next week. Add your name to our petition now.

Dear members of Congress,
I strongly oppose HR 2581, or the “Verify First” Act, which would create dangerous roadblocks for many citizens and immigrants who need access to affordable, urgent healthcare. No eligible person should be unable to enroll for affordable health insurance or see a doctor when they are sick because of inefficiencies or errors in government databases. This legislation could lead to life-or-death impacts and is entirely unacceptable. I urge you to oppose this cruel, unnecessary legislation today for the sake of hundreds of thousands of citizens' and immigrants' health.